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How do i get rid of ghosting on xbox 360 on 42" plasma tv?

Hiya i have an lg 42 plasma tv product number.lg 42pj350. but on xbox 360 games when i pan left or right the image appears to have a ghost around it. for example on dragon age 2. when i move the right analogue stick right to pan right the mountain in the background has a shimmer round it. people. this only happens when i pan left or right. This also happens on fps like crysis 2, homeland etc. Do i need to set me tv up or xbox dashboard settings. I have a hdmi lead (tried another hdmi lead and same problem). tried xbox 360 Component lead same problem. I used to have an evotel 26" lcd and nether had a problem.any help much appreciated. Thanks in advance. screen is set to 720 tried 1080i and 1080p same problem.How do i get rid of ghosting on xbox 360 on 42" plasma tv?
its the tv .

lcd tvs do ghosting no matter how good it is

plasmas should not .How do i get rid of ghosting on xbox 360 on 42" plasma tv?
I have been playing crysis TWO right through the day, what a badass game I declare. Thankfully Manged to get it without cost originating from a companion who knows where to get this stuff! I left a link any one dying to test the new cry engine!

I Am Looking For A Miulti-Game Clan For Xbox Live....?

games i have/play (in no particular order):

halo reach (K/D over 1.00 in 90% of matches) (swat, big team battle %26amp; living dead)

gta IV (Ballad Of *** Tony %26amp; Lost and Dead %26amp; original)

crysis 2

dragon age 1 %26amp; 2 (level 20 rouge in both)

assassins creed brotherhood (level 50)


left 4 dead 2

GAMES I PREORDED (getting day they come out):

assassins creed revelations

gears of war 3

going to preorder halo 4


13 year old (but mature when i need to be) male (14 in OCTOBER)

bit over average gaming skill

pro driver in all games (willing to be driver in clan) :D

like using stealth

dont treat girl gamers badly (will be on teams with them)

like workin in teams better then lone wolf

i like to chat on xbox

swear a little bit

dont rage quit

fight to the end



GAMERTAG: SPARTANxPR0DIGY (the "o" in prodigy is a zero) :)

P.S. i dont want to go on a website everyday for the clan.. thats why i left R.O.G. :P

P.S.S. i know im not like most 13 year olds; i dont play C.O.D. and im mature for my age :DI Am Looking For A Miulti-Game Clan For Xbox Live....?
add me

GT- ILLmaticSwaggerI Am Looking For A Miulti-Game Clan For Xbox Live....?
I have recently created a clan for halo and call of duty (maybe other FPS games as the clan grows) all details listed on my website at

I need something to play for my xbox 360?

okay im a pretty big gamer and i love to play shooter game or rpg (big fan of dragon age) i need a game to play that is both good for single play and multiplayer play that DOESNT need xbox live to play. can any1 give me recomendations of a new game to play, at least untill spring when gears 3 and dragon age 2 come out

i have fallout 3 and its alright so plz dont recommend any fallout games.I need something to play for my xbox 360?
I recommend Left 4 dead 1 %26amp; 2 because not only does it has a huge Replay value but it also has a mode called mutation" which means every friday a new way to play left 4 dead is added into your game on top of that it has a large amount of challenges to accomplish so yeah if you get left 4 dead look me up i'm naomi angel21 on xbox 360 maybe we can play sometimes i even have a micI need something to play for my xbox 360?
Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 are pretty extreme action-packed first-person shooter games. You could give those a try, or Bioshock and Bioshock 2. I heard they were good as well.I need something to play for my xbox 360?
dude what kind of a question is this xbox only has shooters so what do you think your ganna be playing
Mass Effect 1 and 2, Halo Reach,

What is up with by brother's Xbox 360?

He redeemed a code for Dragon Age 2 and the content downloaded just fine, problem is it keeps downloading multiple times all the time. Has anyone else had this problem? help would be appreciated.What is up with by brother's Xbox 360?
go to your download Q and cancel the download or call 18004myxbox wait times are short
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  • How much can i get for my 20 GB xbox 360 + games and Kinect?

    I'm planning on selling my old xbox 360 to get a PS3. I got it when it first came out but it still runs perfectly fine. I just want to know what i can get for it on ebay or somewhere else.

    It comes with

    - 2 wireless controllers

    - wireless adapter

    - kinect sensor

    - good quality headset fairly new

    - a card for 3 months of xbox live

    - 14 games

    Red Dead Redemption

    Mass Effect 2

    Black Ops

    Modern Warfare 2

    Battlefield: BC2

    Borderlands (with two expansion packs)

    Dragon Age Origins and Awakening

    Portal 2

    FIFA 11

    Madden 11 and 9

    and 3 Kinect games

    Hopefully I can get enough money out of this to get a nice 40GB PS3How much can i get for my 20 GB xbox 360 + games and Kinect?
    On ebay you could easily $350 or more

    and at gamestop probably $100-$150

    but I have a suggestion...

    don't get the 40 gb ps3 because the blu rays drives brake easily and they are loud I had one

    I had to fix mine but i got fed up with the fan so i sold it and got a 160 slim

    for $240 at target when it went on saleHow much can i get for my 20 GB xbox 360 + games and Kinect?
    If i knew you in person i would probably trade you my ps3 straight up for that. I bought my ps3 when it first came out for 600 and i just cant bring myself to let it go . I think its a 60 gig... I already have and use my 360 way more anyway it just collects dust..

    But to answer your question for the system with kinect you should be able to get at least 200-250 Add about 5-10 per game . SO maybe close to 300-350 on ebay depending on if someone is buying.

    I Need a New RPG for xbox 360!?

    So i've been in a wicked mood to play a good rpg again for xbox 360. I really liked oblivion, but even great games like that get boring after a while. I'm looking for something like that, if it was multiplayer, that would make it even better, and good graphics/combat are a must. I was looking at Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age 2, and Two worlds Two. If you have an opinion on any of these games or if you know of any other good rpg's like these, lets hear it!I Need a New RPG for xbox 360!?
    Fable 3, Dragon Age: Origins, Tales of Vesperia (my personal favorite) are all good.I Need a New RPG for xbox 360!?
    Fable 1,2, and 3 are all great games that I suggest.

    Video Game Shopping for Xbox 360?

    I have a $25 dollar giftcard to Target (I can use cash, but I kind of want to just use the giftcard), but I want a new Video Game for XBOX 360, I already have the hot new titles - MW3 - Halo CEA - BF3 - Skyrim - Saints Row 3, but I would like another game, I do have some ideas on the game I might buy here:

    - Fallout: New Vegas

    - Batman Arkham Asylum

    - Gears of War 1 or 2

    - Mass Effect 2

    - Create

    - Medal of Honor

    - Bio Shock 2

    - Dante鈥檚 Inferno

    - Dragon Age

    - Homefront

    I have never played any of these games so what game should I get or should I get a different game? Please Help! Leave a few suggestions and rank them if you can/want to.

    The only games I might spend extra money for are

    - Assassins Creed Brotherhood

    - Lord of the Rings: War In the North

    What game should I get???????Video Game Shopping for Xbox 360?
    Most games cost way over $25. I would get either batman (it was the highest rated game this year) or halo reach.